Rosie Rushton

From 1982-1993, Rosie Rushton worked as a features writer and sub-editor on the Northampton Chronicle & Echo. Today she devotes her time to writing teenage fiction and scriptwriting (her mini drama series Zone Two was shown on Fully Booked). After a glowing review of Just Don't Make a Scene, Mum! appeared in The Times' 1015 supplement (the precursor of Meg@), Rosie was invited to write a regular column for the newspaper. Rosie wrote her first book, Staying Cool, Surviving School, in the belief that "if you can see the funny side of anything, it automatically becomes less frightening." She sticks to her creed, remembering with good humour that the book was rejected ten times before she found a publisher! Rosie has received acclaim from teens and adults alike for her ability to write about teen/adult conflict accurately and with great humour. She says that her inspiration comes from "the teenagers in the youth groups I run, from my own experience as a mum (of three grown up daughters) and, aeons ago, as a teenager." Puffin publishes two series of linked novels by Rosie Rushton, as well as a forthcoming new series.


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